Biking Dawn

Biking Dawn is a direct response to the issues that plague us today. Pollution, climate change, and unsafe roads are all caused in part by oil guzzling automobiles, poor leadership, lack of education and the flawed system that perpetuates them. Many countries such as Denmark and The Netherlands have more effective environmental laws and cycling/pedestrian safety standards than the United States. Unfortunately the USA is severely lacking in those practices, but that absolutely can change for the better.

The comedy of the series is geared toward showing the absurdness and hypocrisy of crooked politicians, big oil CEO’s and their lobbyists, and people who irrationally dislike anything bicycle related. In the story, our level headed bike riding heroes must deal with obstacles brought upon them by the ridiculousness of these people and groups.

Ultimately we aim to create a series with interesting characters and serious cinematic production value that can be enjoyed by anyone unfamiliar with the issues, thus bringing them into the discussion.