Hainan, Cina

The need for a place dedicated to bicycle enthusiasts was answered with an inspirational project in Hainan, China. Bicycle Club was designed by NL Architects and is an impressive cycling pavilion, meant to bring people together and encourage one of the greatest sports. Here is more on the project’s structure from the architects: “A rooftop cycling arena is supported by a glass-enclosed cafe at ground level. The oval-footprint structure’s protruding canopy is essential due to the tropical climate, shading the perimeter seating. The elegant upward curvature of the eaves evokes the form of the traditional and functional pagoda. Visitors set their bicycles within a recessed trough and easily walk up two staircases to the open-air velodrome. The area beneath by the stairs contains and conceals public restrooms“. Bicycles can also be rented from the pavilion, making cycling in Hainan the more accessible. Would you encourage this type of construction in your own city?